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AJC Live360: Behind the scenes with Santa Claus

Mrs. Claus is joining the AJC to share insight into how the Big Guy gets ready for the Big Night. Santa himself will be in touch throughout the hour to let us know how he and the reindeer are doing as well as answer your questions. You can email them to him at santa@scribblelive.com

  • The final countdown 
    Santa loves the Big Apple! 

    Ho ho ho and happy holidays to everyone! 

    As you can imagine, we're as busy as ever up here at the North Pole: the reindeer are carbo-loading for the big trek, Mrs. Claus is putting the finishing touches on one of her patented jingle-shaking playlists and the elves are feverishly cranking out the iPhones.

    But, wait-- what's that you say? You can't contain your excitement until Christmas morning? Well, you're in luck! On Christmas Eve, Mrs. Claus will be hosting a chat with yours truly, showing you exactly what a day in the life of ol' Saint Nick is like. From my in-sleigh hi-jinks to my regional costume changes, you'll full access to the entire Santa gang!

    We'll also be answering questions from YOU so be sure to send in your queries and we'll answer them. 

    And be sure to check back here everyday until then because in their downtime, the North Pole crew may be posting some treats to tide you over until the big day. 

    So join us on Dec. 24 from 12–1 p.m. ET

    Merrily yours,


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